Robert Nelson Redmond

Strategy, Planning, Creative, Code, Dinosaurs, Robots and Coffee.

Robert, a Creative Director and Digital Strategist, has been developing brand strategies, advertising campaigns and interactive experiences for 15 years. His diverse background, interests and relentless belief in the notion that anything can be done, just figure it out — have created a knowledge base and deep understanding of multiple disciplines cemented with hands on experience.

As a thought leader he's succeeded in relaunching Fortune 500 brands and creating strategies that foster success with continued brand conversation and evolving brands beyond advertising to advertainment. 

 As a passionate believer in a hands on process and with respect for the agility required in the new marketing era — he's developed quite the knack for many facets of the creative universe. Besides creative and strategic development he's keen to be seen in the thick of web development: planning, architecting, creating use-cases and coding sites by hand. 

He's directed and edited commercials, created event and on-site experiences. Launched SEO and analytics strategies and helped many brands find their footing in an increasingly social and technology saturated world.

Robert is currently Director of Strategy & Creative at teamDigital. Email Robert for work samples and speaking opportunities.